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Aspen Digital Strengthens Crypto Security with Insurance Policies

HONG KONG — September 22, 2022 — Aspen Digital, a bespoke full-service crypto asset management firm, has added robust insurance offerings to protect its clients and their assets as part of the firm’s commitment to safety and security.

“Our clients want peace of mind, especially in these volatile times,” said Yang He, co-founder and CEO of Aspen Digital. “The family funds and ultra-high net worth individuals who trust Aspen Digital with their assets are some of the most discerning investors in the world. As such, they expect our security protocols to continuously evolve. Providing insurance enhances our overall security offering.”

The insurance expands security protection for Aspen Digital’s clients against physical damage or destruction and third-party theft of cryptocurrency private key shares. The insurance will provide Aspen Digital clients with an extra layer of protection and assurance option. The insurance is provided by consortium of Lloyd’s of London syndicates led by Arch Syndicate 2012. Aspen Digital has never experienced any security breaches or damaged assets.

The lead insurer has also performed a comprehensive assessment of Aspen Digital’s security measures and risk management protocols, including its overall system security, private key management, architecture and infrastructure.

Aspen Digital was born from the bespoke customer service its founders were providing to prominent family funds and ultra-high net worth individuals. Co-founder Yang He led the creation of the platform based on the needs of its discerning investors.

Read the full press release here:

About Aspen Digital

Aspen's Digital is a full-service crypto asset management firm backed by Everest Ventures Group, TTB Partners and RIT Capital Partners plc, formerly Rothschild Investment Trust. Aspen Digital operates across both crypto and private markets, and offers a broad range of crypto products and tailored services from its team of crypto professionals. On the private investments side, Aspen Digital has already secured allocations for clients across a number of landmark transactions including two of Asia's most high-profile crypto unicorns, Animoca Brands and Dunamu (the parent company of the biggest South Korean crypto exchange Upbit).

The company has launched, with its own trading & research team, automated crypto strategies such as Market Neutral Arbitrage strategy and DeFi strategies. In addition, Aspen Digital has launched a line of attractive fixed yield crypto products and thematic smart beta crypto products including Metaverse, DeFi, Blockchain, Smart Contract and Frontier trackers. The company's team of expert traders and researchers continues to carefully vet the best performing strategies and managers, as Aspen Digital becomes a key distribution partner for them. All of this is housed in a single end-to-end platform that includes trading, yield and strategy products, market intelligence and client portfolio management capabilities.

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